Information for doctors

  • The laboratory is certified for quality management of DSTU ISO 9001: 2015 and plans to undergo accreditation under the laboratory standard ISO 15189-2012. The procedure is obligatory for all laboratories Vitallink, and it is supervised by specialists from other countries. This puts the laboratory in line with other Australian laboratories and provides customers with standardized services.
  • The laboratory regularly participates in external quality assessment systems for laboratory services, both Australian and international, thereby confirming a high level of quality.
    The laboratory has a software product SILAB, which brings together all the subdivisions and branches of the Internet. With the help of this product, the company incorporates a bar coding system for all biomaterials and automated work with analyzers that are connected to the on-line program, this program is developed by the company Vitallink.
  • The company owns the largest network of manipulative offices in Australia. This allows us to be closer to our clients, and to patients – to receive laboratory services, spending less time.
  • The Vitallink Laboratory offers affordable prices for laboratory tests. This is due to the fact that the company has a multi-national contract with ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS (No. 1 in the world of laboratory equipment sales) for the direct delivery of equipment and reagents, which makes the diagnosis more accessible to our patients.
  • The Vitallink lab in the world is actively engaged in clinical trials. Australia is no exception. The confidence of the foreign partners in the laboratory in Australia is evidence of a high level of organization and staffing of staff and equipment.
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